Oral relax – solution for many oral problems

Oral relax – product number one in the world against many oral problems – is finally available in Southern Eastern Europe through the VetWest distribution network. Oral relax comes in two forms – oral spray and oral gel – for perfect and without any stress local application in dogs and cats.
Oral relax is recommended by the vet dental and oral surgery guru – Dr Cedric Tutt.

Oral relax is based on lactoferrins and is the perfect answer to lymphocytic-plasmacytic (caudal) stomatitis in cats, to bacterial or fungal stomatitis, juvenile gingivitis, in case of mouth or tongue traumas (mechanical, chemical, thermal), fast plaque and tartar forming, for fastening of post-suturing healing in the stoma after surgeries (for example oro-nasal fistulas, tumors, abscesses) and teeth extractions. The usage of Oral relax is always combined with additional therapy: interferon, teeth removal, antibiotics or antifungals, NSAIDs or corticosteroids etc. In case of chronic fast plaque and tartar forming is being combined synergically with the well known products based on chlorhexidine, herbs/algi, silver etc. achieving 3-8 times better effect.


Dr Mike Beggs, BVSc MRCVS Corner House Veterinary Clinic:
“I have used Oral-Relax since 2014 on the recommendation of a Veterinary Dental Specialist, Dr Cedric Tutt, mainly for the treatment of Feline Gingivostomatitis. In general I have found the product surprisingly easy to use as in the beginning I was doubtful that our clients would be able to apply it , but it is important to try to get 1 spray into each side of the mouth to try to reach the back of the pharynx on both sides. We have used Oral-Relax as control for cats where owners do not wish to do dental work such as complete extractions but also for more complicated cases where we have done full extractions of all teeth caudal to canines and still have significant symptoms (this is described in 25-30% of cases). Most recently we have to remove 2 lower canines in a 5 year domestic feline that had complete dental extraction behind the canines in 2014 ( with Dr Tutt) and still had significant inflammation and was only slightly better after the extractions. When I now examined his mouth there was almost NO INFLAMMATION at all along the gingiva of maxilla and mandible and pharynx – the only treatment he has had was daily Oral-Relax and his owner is herself very convinced of the product’s benefit that she assisted us to import the product herself. I strongly believe that Oral-Relax is an extremely valuable treatment for all cases of Feline Gingivostomatitis together with necessary dental cleaning and extractions if necessary and if the owner allows.”

Dr. Polya Ngo, Veterinary dental specialist from Europe:
“I have used Oral relax since 2015 in almost all located in the stoma cases of wounds, surgeries, inflammation and fast plaque in cats and dogs – this means in almost three thousand patients. I recommend the product as very effective, safe, fast and demonstratively acting agent.”

Dr Cedric Tutt

If you want to find out more about Dr Cedric Tutt, please visit his personal website or his info-page on the WSAVA-website.