Oral Relax – the first in the world local acting lactoferrin based product with clinically proven effect

The cases of lymphocytic-plasmacytic, i. e. caudal, stomatitis in cats increase every year and are a serious challenge for diagnostic and therapy. We present you the results of a clinical scientific study proving that the local product Oral-relax is a powerful medical weapon against this chronic and contagious problem, mostly common in bigger cat groups or seen among homeless cats, and also used with huge success in cases of juvenile gingivitis, thermo+mechanical+chemical traumas of tongue and stoma, stoma soft skin or gingivas suturing (for example after teeth or tumor or abscess or foreign body abstraction) and for synergetic support of chlorhexidine-, silver-, algi/herbs- or even antibiotic based products against teeth plaque, tartar and periodontitis.

Bovine lactoferrin and piroxicam as an adjunct treatment for lymphocytic-plasmacytic gingivitis stomatitis in cats (The Veterinary Journal, Volume 202, Issue 1, October 2014, Pages 76-82)